Therefore, Wei Wuxian retains deep gratitude for the Wen Ning

Therefore, Wei Wuxian retains deep gratitude for the Wen Ning

Wen Ning

Just after Wei Wuxian’s shelter regarding his archery knowledge, Wen Ning seriously admires Wei Wuxian, with the the total amount that he dangers their own lives and lifetime of off his aunt Wen Qing to store Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng after the massacre regarding Lotus Pier. [29]

Immediately following Wei Wuxian discovers one Wen Ning has been drawn captive from the Lanling Jin Clan about aftermath of Sunshot Strategy, he inhibits a private banquet to discharge a save objective. When he finds out one to Wen Ning had been murdered, the guy brings up your since the an intense Corpse and you may spends him in order to eliminate a number of his captors. [45] Then he protects their family within Burial Piles and really works so you can reawaken Wen Ning’s understanding, helping to make your the initial conscious Fierce Corpse. [17]

No matter if Wei Wuxian initial lashes away from the Wen Ning after the death of Jin Zixuan, [46] the guy knows that the guy himself is the culprit, given that Wen Ning is a tool inside the hand from the the amount of time. Fundamentally, Wen Qing must paralyze Wei Wuxian in order that she Wen Ning and can throw in the towel in order to Wonderful Carp Tower. [47]

After Wei Wuxian’s resurrection to the Mo Xuanyu’s system, he or she is astonished observe Wen Ning respond to his summons off a strong animal in order to overcome the latest Beautiful Maiden, showing he wasn’t burnt because the Jin Guangshan had claimed. [34] Wei Wuxian ultimately frees his organizations and you can takes away the newest nails one to handle your off their direct, helping his friend to win back his understanding again. [48] [49]

Wei Wuxian worries for Wen Ning’s shortage of recommendations, when he has followed sometimes Wen Qing otherwise Wei Wuxian for their entire life. [50] When Wen Ning in the course of time chooses to region regarding Wei Wuxian just after the newest Guanyin Temple incident, Wei Wuxian seems each other sorrow to see their pal get off, and you will pleasure from the their independence. [33]

Lan Jingyi

Lan Jingyi is the earliest member of Mo Village to speak for the newly-resurrected Wei Wuxian which have kindness, in the event his generosity quickly offers cure for frustration when Wei Wuxian takes their Spirit-Attraction Flag. [51] Shortly after he is cut back with the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian seem to irritates Lan Jingyi of the insinuating sexual products having Lan Wangji. [52]

Wei Wuxian afterwards saves Lan Jingyi or any other juniors from Corpse Poisoning from inside the Yi Town. [53] Lan Jingyi seems to trust a romantic ideas exists ranging from Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, expressing his horror one Wei Wuxian hasn’t said people important past terminology so you’re able to Lan Wangji in advance of their fight with Xue Yang. [54]

Whenever Wei Wuxian’s true label is actually shown, Lan Jingyi expresses concern you to Jin Ling will try so you’re able to stab Wei Wuxian an extra date, proving his believe you to Wei Wuxian isn’t the villain the guy is frequently considered to be. [43] At Second Siege of your Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian spends this new talkative Lan Jingyi understand information on this new skeptical Su She. [55]

Immediately following marrying Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian appear to evening-hunts with and teachers the fresh juniors, including Lan Jingyi, one of the few elizabeth they can think about. [56] [36] Also, whether or not Lan Qiren has forbidden the fresh new juniors out of speaking with Wei Wuxian inside the clan feast, Lan Jingyi easily holidays the Boston best hookup apps brand new rule when they is actually out-of Lan Qiren. [23]

Ouyang Zizhen

Ouyang Zizhen is among the junior cultivators helped of the Wei Wuxian inside the Yi Area. Wei Wuxian considers Ouyang Zizhen an emotional method of offered their breakdown away from A great-Qing’s ghost and you can teases your that he might be a bit brand new romantic subsequently. [57]

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